About Eleanor Osmond Make Up Artist

Makeup Artist and Permanent Makeup Specialist in Wiltshire, UK.

Looking great makes you feel great and Eleanor Osmond is the Makeup Artist that can give you the new look you’re looking for. You could be looking for a new look or just to enhance your natural beauty. That’s where Eleanor Osmond comes in as she is a makeup artist that will make sure you look and feel your best. On any special occasion. Anything from your wedding day, birthday or any other occasion, Eleanor Osmond is the makeup artist to give you that special look. You can view her portfolio here.

I graduated from the Oxford International School of Beauty in 2009 and it’s where I gained a CIBTAC qualification. From there, I furthered my career in makeup and permanent cosmetics with Jemma Kidd, Airbase and The Clinical Academy. Now I have over 10 years experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry. 

Makeup should not be a disguise but a way of enhancing your inner beauty. I have the vision and passion for making women look good, feel beautiful and above all, true to themselves. I have a calming touch to make anyone feel fantastic whatever the occasion.

Eleanor Osmond Makeup Artist Wedding Day

As a makeup artist and skincare specialist Eleanor strives to achieve the look someone wants. The reward is seeing someone positively ooze with confidence and happiness as we work together to create a skin care regime and makeup that’s right for them. Eleanor aims for a natural look that stays ‘polished’ all day long.

As a result, you look and feel great all day long.

Eleanor Osmond has the vision and passion to make women look good, feel beautiful and above all true to themselves. Of course, makeup should not be a disguise but a way of enhancing your beauty. With a calming touch to make anyone feel fantastic, Eleanor is a makeup artist ready for any occasion. 

Eleanor Osmond MUA and Permanent Cosmetics cover the areas in Wilshire, Hampshire and Dorset. Working with various local hair stylists and photographers on a weekly basis keeps Eleanor ready to work on any look you may be looking for that works for other areas of your look. Also, having a close relationship with Ellevisage Beauty & Training Academy helps keep up with the latest techniques, treatments and trends. www.ellevisage.co.uk

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