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Let’s talk about makeup brushes… when I do people’s makeup I get a lot of compliments on the brushes I use. I have spent years researching the best brushes and spent a lot of money on them too! However, this year I discovered Spectrum brushes. My gorgeous mother-in-law bought me a set for Christmas and I haven’t looked back.
Any skilled person will tell you that the best results are a combination of talent and quality tools. To apply the perfect makeup, you need the perfect tools. Lots of my friends apply their makeup with their hands. “I don’t have time to apply makeup with a brush, I need to do the school run in the morning.” I hear this a lot!! However, there is no point in putting any makeup on, unless you do it correctly. Would you make a fairy cake without using the oven? No- I didn’t think so!

When typing makeup brushes in to Google, you will find an array of different brands and types of brush etc. The most important things to consider when buying a makeup brush are;
• Is the hair of the brush synthetic? You don’t want to use anything with real animal hair or human hair for that matter.
• Are the brushes Vegan friendly? This is huge in the makeup world now- lots of clients like to know products are Vegan friendly
• Is the hair of the brush hypoallergenic? (Great for us sensitive souls)
• Can you wash the brushes with water and soap? Water and soap is a simple and effective way to get the remains of makeup off your brushes. In fact, baby shampoo is fantastic.

*Top Tip*
If you have washed your brushes with water, make sure you tightly wrap the brushes in a clean dry flannel or tea towel and put them on the radiator or airing cupboard to dry. This stops the bristles getting loose and keeps the brushes in good condition.

If you have any questions regarding makeup brushes, feel free to get in touch;

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Eleanor Osmond

Eleanor Osmond

I graduated from the Oxford International School of Beauty in 2009, where I gained a CIBTAC qualification. I then furthered my career in makeup and permanent cosmetics, with Jemma Kidd, Airbase and The Clinical Academy. I now have over 10 years experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

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