The Vitamin C Fix

Smooth young skin, the perfect canvas

As an artist, albeit a makeup artist, my client’s face is my canvas. Of course, I can work magic with foundations, concealers and contouring, but if I start with a good base canvas, then it needs less work to achieve the same results.

So what is a good canvas? Smooth, young-looking skin no matter the age of the client. And who doesn’t want to look young when their make-up is removed too?

Young looking skin

How do you achieve this? Is it just down to luck and genetics or a vigorous cleansing routine?

It’s probably a little of both but it can also be affected by diet. Of course, many of us had problems as teenagers with breakouts etc but unless you are really unlucky, as you mature you leave these things behind.

What can you do to keep your skin looking young?

Without any invasive treatments, there are things you can do but we need to start early as our skin begins to age once we reach 20. The first thing I would recommend is to protect your skin from the sun (more of that next time) and the second one is to continue with a good cleansing routine and the third and important one is to use Vitamin C.

We’ve all heard of Vitamin C and know that we need it like many other vitamins. But why? Well in general terms, Vitamin C keeps our immune system healthy and therefore staves off things like the common cold and more serious ailments. It helps to keep our cholesterol in check.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Vitamin C is that it repairs and regenerates our tissues. This is great news for our skin! The one thing that none of us want is for our skin to make us look old or older than we are.

We get most of our Vitamin C from foods such as fruit and vegetables but as an experienced make-up artist, I swear by DNA C Fix , a professional Vitamin C serum. In fact you could say I’m obsessed by it. Its concentrated formula is gentle enough for dry, irritated or sensitive skin.

Its antioxidant properties help it to fight free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation – the biggest cause of skin damage – and improves collagen synthesis in the skin which typically slows down the aging process.

What you’ll notice is that it helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and the dreaded wrinkles. What more could you ask for?

How should I apply vitamin C serum?

It is best used after you have cleansed your skin. Place one pump to your fingertips and massage the serum gently into your face and neck using your fingertips. You can do this once or twice a day.


I can’t recommend this DNA C FIX Vitamin C Serum enough. I’ve tried it and it helps to keep my skin looking good and glowing. Customers who I have introduced it too are pleased with the results too. Are you tempted? Want to create that perfect canvas? You can buy your Vitamin C serum from me.

Just give me a call on 07958353986.

Or why not book in for a for a makeup lesson or skincare consultation?

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Eleanor Osmond

Eleanor Osmond

I graduated from the Oxford International School of Beauty in 2009, where I gained a CIBTAC qualification. I then furthered my career in makeup and permanent cosmetics, with Jemma Kidd, Airbase and The Clinical Academy. I now have over 10 years experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

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